Optima’s Trust Tech Deal Awarded “Deal of the Month” by Insider Media

MTrec was identified as Trust Tech Inc’s first European strategic partner due to its exceptional cheap nfl jerseys growth rate cheap jerseys from China and geographical location, which means it is ideally placed to serve the multinational manufacturing and engineering businesses based in the North East. In the financial year ending 31 March 2016, MTrec achieved turnover of M&A £46m and is forecasting turnover wholesale jerseys of £59m this Panel year.

We anticipate this cheap mlb jerseys deal creating value for all stakeholders and enabling Trust Tech to extend their footprint to the UK and European markets in due course. This acquisition serves as proof that overseas trade buyers still see the UK as an attractive option for inward investment the – contrary to many Genius of the experts’ initial predictions City following the wholesale mlb jerseys result of the European Το Referendum.