JoinedUp win the Optima Workforce Solution of the Year in the 2020 Talent Tech Star Awards

We are delighted to recognise JoinedUp as winners of the Optima Workforce Solution of the Year in the 2020 Talent Tech Star Awards, on behalf of TALiNT Partners.

Judges praised JoinedUp for demonstrating the value and impact of its solution across the talent acquisition eco-system.

JoinedUp is a cloud-based platform allowing end-hirers, temp-staffing businesses and workers to work more effectively and transparently together in real-time.

The company has helped agencies using its platform to win successful bids worth over £500m p.a in new billings from major corporate clients; and increased the number of temps per salaried employee by an average of 30%+ over the past 12 months.

“JoinedUp has helped us manage our scheduling, engage better with our workers and ensure that our staffing costs and trends are more visible,” said Alison Westwood, Head of Resourcing at Royal Mail.

It also helps contract workers to better manage their working lives. Via the JoinedUp app, workers can request holidays, set ideal working patterns, view and accept available shifts and check their gross pay in real-time.

Focusing their innovation on the growing gig economy, JoinedUp gives zero-hours contract workers a greater sense of control over their own lives and leads to materially better engagement with their agency as a result.

By enabling employers, temps and contractors to work more transparently together in real-time, Joined Up has created an innovative, tech advanced, joined up solution to a problem that is often avoided and difficult to accurately keep track of in business.