Business Review Reports

Achieving a successful sale is generally the result of planning and preparation. Understanding how acquirers will view a business can help owners to address and remedy any areas of weakness before commencing the sale process. This will make the business a more attractive target, resulting in higher valuation.

Our Business Review Reports review the operational and financial performance of a business, following a top to bottom review of all aspects of how the business is run.

Having looked at hundreds of recruitment businesses over the past 20 years, we can benchmark a company against its peers and provide practical guidance on how a business can be improved.

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Our Reports are pragmatic, written in plain English and address a range of areas which owners need to consider, including (but not limited to):

Market positioning

Key financial ratios

Client concentration issues

Employee productivity

Compliance issues

Second tier management

Working capital

Each Report is tailored to the company and focuses on relevant topics. We understand that an industrial temp agency, a healthcare business and a white collar interim business all have different considerations, so a standardised report simply wouldn’t be appropriate.

Where relevant, we can introduce trusted partners to assist with or advise on their areas of specialism.

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